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Tellmatic is a free php newsletter script using mysql and cronjobs. Use a wysiwyg editor and create newsletters opnline. Tellmatic has a comfortable gui. Import and export routines and bouncemail-management are included. It has some routines to check email and clean up addressdatabases or handle blunce-mails and failed addresses automagically. You can create as many recipients groups and addresses as you like, there is NO limit, just depends on your hardware. Tellmatic uses SMTP-method to send newsletter to your recipientsgroup as bcc massmailing or personal mailing. You can track mails, count clicks and views and check the quality and feedback of you addresspool. Add an attachement, optional HTML-file or use a template, upload and add images and track links. Tellmatic supports manually entered or omported address-pools, opt-in, double-opt-in and 1st-touch-opt-in.

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